This cutting-edge line takes diesel particulate filter (DPF) reclamation to the next level. Using three easy-to-operate stations, our process ensures that in-can DPFs are cleaned out, tested for leaks, and analyzed for flow problems before granting a "pass" status. Our tried-and-true defect detection technology maximizes efficiency and reliability and our advanced data collection allows customers to easily track parts. Each automated system is configurable to meet any OEM's quality specifications or factory-specific needs.

First in the Clearflow series is the Clean Out. It uses high pressure to remove 99% of accumulated diesel ash and soot buildup from a baked DPF. All soot and ash is self-contained for easy disposal.

Next is the Flow Test, which determines a DPF's backpressure at a customer-specified flow rate. To calculate a part's pressure differential, the Flow Test employs a higher rate of flow (40" (101 cm) of water) than any other system available. Results are printed out and can be affixed to the part.

The final system is the Leak Check. Using proprietary technology, this machine evaluates a DPF's substrate integrity for internal cracks or cell wall breaches as small as a single cell. The printed results show all data collected about the part.