Designed for automated all-surface or internal inspection of carbon composite components, these systems utilize robotic or other non-conveyorized part handlers to provide infeed flexibility, a high degree of part control, and fast cycle times. CheckPro inspection centers are designed and built to give component manufacturers the increased capacity, speed, accuracy and repeatability needed to maintain 100% inspection requirements from their customers. Multiple inspections can be performed simultaneously on a single part, often at rates of a few seconds for laser testing and metrology, up to tens of seconds for ultrasonic testing.

Key features of the CheckPro inspection center include: the detection of inclusions, delamination, and other defects in the material matrix; configurable scans can accommodate a variety of potential future products; easy-to-read image data; and the fixturing equipment is robust and easy to use.

The CHECKPRO platform can be customized with specific tooling and fixtures to accommodate your specific product. Part handling fixtures can hold single or multiple parts. When it is time to re-tool for a new product, only the tooling and fixtures need to be updated to be able to inspect the new parts. Changeable tooling and fixtures allow for long term return on investment that grows with your business.

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