The need for specialty NDT solutions continues to grow as more and more manufacturers recognize the value of insuring the quality of each and every piece that they produce.

New Gate has been involved in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) since the beginning. NGT 's first products were entirely focused on providing solutions for in-situ inspection of product at production rates. Now NGT has coupled this capability with robotics and sophisticated custom solutions to provide a complete in line solution.

Increasing production rates and improving the inspection process to include the inspection of every part are some of the top priorities when designing a custom inspection solution. New Gate has literally reduced inspection times from many minutes to just seconds with its in-line solutions and these solutions allowi our customers the ability to inspect every piece that they manufacture.

In the world of Carbon-Composites it is imperative that each and every part be inspected for part integrity. With a high degree of material variability possible, standard inspection practices don't work. The ability to rapidly and effectively test every part ensures that material variability is accounted for and creates continuity in the material quality assurance  process.

NGT's specialty NDT solutions incorporate Ultrasonics, Laser, and Vision coupled with custom automation and robotics to provide the best combination of inspection solutions for a particular application.